RE: True Clientless SSLVPN

ChrisSerafin wrote:
Most of the solutions like Cisco or Netscreen require a client. I'm
looking for one that does not require any download...


I think what we're missing is your purpose.

What is the end result, what is it you are looking to do. As everyone
has stated already, clientless SSL-VPN's come in the form of Reverse
Proxies and are not IPSEC VPN's. They do not provide true network
connectivity. By that I mean, you do not get an IP address on the
remote LAN. They do however, provide access to remote resources. If
all you are trying to accomplish is access to remote resources, all of
the mentioned SSL-VPN's will do the trick, Juniper, Aventail,
SSL-Explorer, etc.

I can tell you that Juniper does not require any client to connect to
remote resources. Neither does SSL-Explorer. If you are looking to get
into something relatively inexpensive, then check out SSL-Explorer. It
is an open source solution which provides Active Directory integration
and easy access to remote resources. There is no client required to
access most resources.

Again, this is simply restating what everyone has already said, but to
give some relative advice I think the forum needs to know what will be
your end result. Ultimately, what do you want to provide to your users,
other than a clientless SSL-VPN. What resources do you want to access?
Do your users need an IP on the network? Outlook connectivity? What is
the end result? You may be expecting to provide too much with too
little and it may not be possible.