Re: AD Policy audit tool for Windows 2000

Just to clarify on this a bit more. I need to know what settings that
are applied. I don't need a report showing me the status of every
policy. Just the ones that have been changed from their default.


On 5/25/06, Koolk3 <koolk3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks everyone for your responses. Here is an update on what I have
found so far. I would also like to have your feedback on any of the
tools listed here if you have any experience with them.

1) GPOVault (free) from DesktopStandard: This can compare settings
between 2 GPO rsops. Anyone has any experience using this? This has to
be used in conjuction with GPMC.

2) GPMC from Microsoft: This tool may have the functionationality I am
looking for interms of finding the changed GPOs but I am not so sure.

3) GPInventory from Microsoft: I am not sure about this either.

4) Secedit from Microsoft: Does this run on Windows 2000?

If you have any experience with these tools can you please provide me
some feedback? I need to know which one will be the best choice to
figure out the GPO settings changed after a default installation.



On 5/24/06, Koolk3 <koolk3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello list,
> Basically, I am trying to find the policies that has been changed by
> active directory after a default Windows 2000 installation. The
> policies were modifed without any documenattion and now it is a
> problem.
> I am looking for a tool that can help me audit Active Directory
> policies that has been applied to Windows 2000 workstations. Ideally
> the tool should know the default policy (from original win 2000
> install) and then give me a report on what has changed.
> Most tools that does this are for Windows XP and I need something for
> Windows 2000.
> Any suggestions?
> Sincerely,
> --
> KoolK3



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