Re: Article: "Security Absurdity: The Complete, Unquestionable, And Total Failure of Information Security."


That is a great example! A secure system is rendered insecure because of
only one omission.

Even with the best policies, and security technology one mistake resulted in
a security system failure (an exposure).

Most exposures result from only one omission. Just one, and only one. This
maybe a setting in a config file, a broken process, or a procedure that
isn't followed correctly (think aircraft part assembly). Security must do a
better job in lowing exposures as apposed to lowering risk (current

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Total Failure of Information Security."

Security has to be correct 100% of the time. One omission can lead to an

I don't disagree with you. However aboslute security requires absolute
non-existence of the information. For e.g. You can have IPS, IDS, DRM,
TPM, AV, Firewall etc on your netowork, but as soon as somebody prints
out that confidential document and tosses it in a garbage can, you
security goes with it.

Another e.g.: Everyone knows that one-time pad provides the "perfect
secrecy". But then how did the British intercept the Soviet
communications???? Soviet re-used the OTP, which allowed for
statistical analysis and/or pattern matching. Re-using seemed pretty
harmless at that time, but in retrospect it was a big mistake. Isn't
everything in retrospect a mistake?

Security has 3 core priciples Confidentiality(non-disclosure),
Integrity, Availability(non-destruction). In in way Confidentiality is
inversely propotional to Availability (i think). By making something
available you are increasing the chances of its disclosure. So in
theory 100% security is not possible.

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