Re: Macintosh OS X Vulnerabilities (anyone out there?)

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Best regards,
Javier Blanque

El 08/05/2006, a las 21:06, Simon escribió:

Hi there,
first I have to apologize for this "request" I'm sending out to this
list. At least, I believe security-basics Is the place to ask this.

I'm a linux user, know more about PCs, linux and windows, and much
less about Macintoshes. However, I have a friend here that is a
Mac-sold-soul, like I hope Mac is the good side or this guy would be
the devil's acolyte!

By experience, I would say that Macs are safer than linux or windows
(and OF COURSE, I'm talking about a civilian, the kind that doesn't
really take responsibilty in his PC, that wishes that his OS is good
and will not run into trouble... you know the guy!).

MY QUESTION to the security aware community is this one:
There must exist vulnerabilities, known, unknown, fixed, discussed or
researched. Possibly there is a place where all of these are
clustered, a learning place where we can start and see that MacOS X is
just another OS pretending to be better, and... succeeding for these
days (and hopefully, that will succeed for still long).

Thanks in advance,
Simon and Francois

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