RE: Patch Management on Critical Servers (Healthcare)

Hi there.

SUS and WSUS are good patch management - and it's free.
But the reporting would be a bit not-so-friendly.
With SUS/WSUS, the patches can be updated and restart later - whenever it is

But to perfect this patching process, it would be great if you could afford
an application which could make a live snapshot of the system - fast and
reliable for a full-proof "rollback".

Such as acronis,falconstar, etc ...

This is because those 'rollback' functionality come with the patch
management doesn't really work for some patches.
Once in, system or some in-house application's down.
There is no way any administrator can roll back that - other than to restore
the system to the point before specific patch.

Good luck.
And if you come across a better idea than that,
Do let me know.


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I'm just curious to hear how people in the field have been handling patch
management with critical servers. Have you setup maintenance windows? If, so
how did you manage the down time? What have people been doing if the device
or server has an approved FDA configuration? Are you using thing like WSUS?


Security Engineer

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