Wireless Security

I am pretty familiar with 802.11 security in terms of WEP, WPA, AES
and so on as well as the tools like Kismet and Airsnort. However, my
knowledge of security in other wireless standards, mainly Bluetooth,
RFID (especially), Ultrawideband, and WiMAX is sorely lacking. I have
trouble finding as much information online and in books on these
wireless technologies (especially security), while there are millions
of resources out there on Wi-Fi security. Could anyone give me a quick
(or not so quick) and dirty compare/contrast on the "other" WLAN
technologies, or point me to some good resources online that I might
not have found? I would really appreciate that.

Also, if security for these other wireless standards exist, are there
any tools out there for pen-testing them. I am not a
Bluetooth/UWB/WiMAX hacker but I would be interested if those
technologies could be probed in the same manner as 802.11.

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

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