RE: Suggestions for a secure home network

Hello List,

I am looking to put together a home network for a high-end client of mine
and would like your opinion on what type of equipment to use.

Here's an overview of his requirement:

- Two MACs (for his kids) on a wireless network
- Two PCs on a wired network - these two PCs have sensitive information on
them. These computers would not be used for remote access but only for
internet and email access. I am thinking of adding hard drive encryption to
these two computers.

I'm thinking of three approaches and would like your thoughts:

#1 - Use a cable modem with non-wireless router for his two PCs and use a
separate DSL modem with wireless router for his two MACs. Double the monthly
cost for internet access but there is no chance that hackers entering
through the MACs will be able to access his PCs.
#2 - Use a router (I was thinking of something like an Astaro router or
Cisco router) for the PCs and then connect a Linksys wireless router with
WPA security to the first router. The wireless router would be used for the
two MACs.
#3 - Use a wireless router with WPA security for the wireless MACs and then
hard wire the two PCs to the non wireless router ports on the back of the
wireless router.

Any thoughts you would have would be greatly appreciated. Any manufacturers
and or models you could suggest would also be much appreciated.




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