Re: Snort and ADSL

Mike Gilligan wrote:
I have a Netscreen 5GT ADSL FW at my home with two interfaces - inside and outside. I do have a basic set of IDS sigs on the Netscreen but I would like to set up a Snort sensor outside the Firewall to look at unblocked alerts. However, I only have an RJ11 telephone cable to my ADSL port on the Netscreen and no where to plug in a Snort sensor. I could plug it in on the inside but I miss a lot of the traffic already dropped. I know that some SOHO Firewalls like the Linksys ones let you run Snort on the box itself but this isn't an option for me. Could anyone suggest a feasible solution?

I've seen people do similar things before, but I can never understand why. Why do you care about everything that's being blocked? I have enough to worry about watching the IDS for things that *DO* make it inside the firewall, without worrying about all the crud that gets dropped.


Jeremy L. Gaddis
GCWN, MCP, Linux+, Network+

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