Re: SSH Scans

Michel Pereira typed:

After of seeing a lot of ssh scans on my firewalls and home PC, I
made a script that filters out the "Invalid User" entry inside
/var/log/messages and do some cleaning process, the result is a
dictionary (homebrew) of users that tried to login into my hosts.
Into the dictionary I saw english and Brazilian Portuguese words,
maybe we have Brazilian hackers running scan bots too. This work is
only for experiment and curiosity to see what is happening with
Internet today, you can get the script and dictionary in

If you have a better idea of sugestion, please mail me:

You will see a lot of similar entries in log file(s) if you run SSH on
the standard port. In order to get around to having a clogged log
file, I altered SSHd to run on a non-standard port on the public box I
admin. It is not a *foolproof* solution, but it has worked for me so

Ayaz Ahmed Khan

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