Re: DNS Blacklist

On 09/03/06 09:31 -0600, Dan Denton wrote:
Does anyone on the list have any prior experience with the folks at For the past few weeks a customer who uses a blacklist

Apologies for the late response, I have been afk.

supplied by them has had our emails blocked. Previous to this the
company had no problem getting our emails. People at said company want
to receive our emails and are frustrated that they can't receive them
(important stuff like invoices and statements), but their IT admin says
he has no control over the list itself.

The administrato should be able to whitelist your sending IP address.

I went to, checked our status using one of their utilities,
and the IP of our mail server shows up on their list. I've even sent in
a request to be removed from the list and have received a ticket number.
In their procedures for delisting, they claim that you must "donate" $50
per email they supposedly received in their spam traps, and the
donations are to be made to 2 charities of their choice. I for one think

No. You can donate to _any_ charity you like, they merely provide a
couple of examples. Alternatively, you can wait until your listing
expires (I believe they have a 90 day blackhole period).

this is extortion, regardless of whether the intention is to stop

SORBS itself does not block you. They do not charge you money for
delisting. Their argument is "You have done damage to the Internet
commons. If you want to be a good citizen, please undo the damage by
donating $ to <random charity>. Alternatively, wait for 90 days to be
delisted automatically."

Not extortion.

Devdas Bhagat

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