Re: sniffers

On Feb 24, 2006, at 10:19 PM, Bilal Abdullah Fakhruddin wrote:


Recently I am facing problems in my network. Sometimes the network is fast
and sometimes it is slow. Im a bit familiar with Ethereal, but i dont know
what I am looking for. Could anybody help me out by pointing out where i
could start or to any documents available? Thanks in advance.



You need to start with a baseline or failing that, be prepared to grab packets during a "slow" period. Remember that a sniffer in a switched network is subject to the same limits as any other device, it will only see broadcast packets and packets destined to it. So you need to "mirror" or "monitor" a port or ports or VLAN. The other option is to find a link where traffic funnels to and stick a passive tap or hub in-between the endpoints. I have a network where I keep three different cables patched and ready to go at a moments notice.

Right now I'm testing Lanhound since it will let you have remote sniffers feeding back to the master. It is a design much like Distributed Sniffer from NAI/Network General but it's ALOT cheaper :)

For the initial captures, catch everything, no filters except your own MAC. Always filter out your own MAC address.

For more information, wander by where Laura Chappell has some excellent papers, tutorials and more for folding, spindling and mutilating packets :)


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