RE: Down with DHCP!!!!

While I fully understand why you would consider disabling DHCP, I see one
major problem with number 2 below. Just using static addresses will not
keep users from bringing in their own equipment. If a user knows much, they
can determine the proper IP addresses for the network and assign a static
address. So, you in the end, you have added more of a workload on the
network staff, but you really have not done much for security.

I agree with the idea of inventorying, equipment, but trying to manually
inventory each machine is going to be a nightmare for a network of that
size. I would recommend something to automatically inventory all of the
equipment. Other automated tools could be used to ensure all machines are
fully patched and secured.

The idea of working smarter, not harder, definitely applies in a situation
like this.

Hope this helps.

Steve Fletcher
MCSE (NT4/Win2k), MCSE: Security (Win2k), HP Master ASE, CCNA, Security+
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i would like to propose to management that dhcp should be disabled, so
as to force the building of a database that will hold all of the
information needed to begin a comprehensive security policy. the
security group would manage the database to ensure that we are
collecting information (such as O/S, IOS version, anti-virus

i realize this will incur more work for those poor souls that have to
deploy hardware, but i believe the benefits out-weigh the costs. the
benefits i see:

1. once a branch location is staticly addressed, we have a working
inventory of what is out there.

2. a more secure environment. no longer can users bring in non-
company owned devices and place them on our production network (which
is already a policy---that isn't policed).

3. i can setup automated scripts that check MAC addresses to IP
addresses on the router ARP tables to check for spoofing.

our branch locations don't change very often.....some are still on
token ring for god's sake, so i don't really see that much more

Has anyone else dropped DHCP as a management/compliance decision?

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