What defines an "incident"? - Part 2

Hi again,

CERT/CC held a number of workshops in 1997/1998 with representatives
from the DoD, NIST, Sandia etc. One of the Results from this was a
preliminary taxonomy for computer security terms.

From this an event was to defined to involve one Action and one target.

To "steal" a quote without fully referencing it this time (hay I have to
leave something for everyone else to look up...)

Event - An action directed at a target that is intended to result in a
change of state, or status, of the target.

A Process would thus include actions to probe, scan, authenticate,
bypass or flood a running computer process or execution thread.

Incident - A group of attacks that can be distinguished from other
attacks because of the attackers, attacks, objectives, sites, and

Etc and I can go on or read the following:
Radatz, John, ed. (1996) "The IEEE Standard Dictionary of Electrical and
Electronic Terms", 6th ed. (NY: Institute of Electrical and electronic
Engineers), p 1087.

Howard, John D (April 1997) "An Analysis of Security Incidents on the
Internet, 1989-1995, PhD dissertation", Pittsburgh, PA: Dept. of
Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University (see also

So from this we have;
People attack computers
People attack for a variety of objectives (what they intend to


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