Re: Linux basic authentication?

redcowboy@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, All.
I'm studying linux security.
I have two question. First of all, I heard Kerberos is window basic
authentication protocol. then, what's linux(or Unix) basic authentication
if is it there, could you explain how does it work or
Seconds, How could I understand Linux security
I'd ask some advices or recommends.
Thanks a lot. Have a great day!


Greg: Look into PAM - pluggable authentication modules:

With PAM, you can use kerberos, radius, tacacs+ or other authentication
protocols that can point to various authentication mechanisms for
different services. We have used PAM + tacacs+/radius to authenticate
users from webmail, vpn, and login using two-factor authentication. So,
each service (sshd, su, imapproxy, login) can be set to use an
authentication protocol (kerberos, tacacs, radius, etc) to point to
different authentication servers (passwd, kerveros, or in our case,



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