RE: Forensic/Cyber Crime Investigator

Definately friendly. Please do not see anything in any other manner.

I am firstly enjoying the debate and secondly debate is the heart of knowledge. Even if neither party comes to an agreement on terms at least a good debate on the subject should give each party a better understanding of their own perspective and a more logical manner of comprehension.

More on the other responses later this morning...


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I hope you are taking this as a friendly discussion

Answers inline..

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Virus attacks etc as you put are incidents. The average
(and all but maybe a rare exception) organisation will
treat these as incidents. They do not take them to court
nor have the intention of doing such. To take your Virus
example. This is an incident, it requires a response. It
does not require a forensic analysis of the system, nor
would this be generally done..... etc

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