RE: MS in information security

.... - those who found their college work to be
meaningless I can only say it's your own fault. I've taught
at Ivy League universities and community colleges. Both had
lots to offer but if a student wanted to spend $30,000 a year
and waste their time or simply log credits and a degree at
the local CC, both were certainly possible.

The same can be said of certifications, by the way. Those who
want to spend a week memorizing stuff, pass a test, forget all
that material, and add a few letters to their resume may do so.

I've only bothered to sit the exams for about 70% of the
certifications I've taken courses towards. The ones I pursue
tend to offer a breakdown of material something like:

50% - stuff I already know and use, that the certification
will give me credit for

25% - stuff I didn't know, but can use, so I fill in gaps
in my knowledge that practical experience can miss

25% - stuff I didn't know, and don't need yet, but that
helps position me for progress down the road

So getting letters to put on my resume is a side-effect of my
personal continuing education program, and not an end in itself.

David Gillett

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