router question...

I had an odd experience yesterday and was wandering if anyone could help shed some light on it...

I run a webserver that I keep behind a router/firewall. The router is a standard store bought Linksys BEFSX41. The firewalls NAT feature is disabled so someone on the local LAN can access the server via it's Internet domain name. The routers 'remote administration' feature is disabled so no one outside the LAN can log into the config page.

The problem: Yesterday a couple of the websites being hosted on the server were basiclly unavailable. At first we were thinking DoS of some sort but no evidence in the servers logs to support this as far as I know. At any rate, when I would try to access the problem page I was greeted with the router log in prompt! I (using a local machine) log into the router to verify that the 'remote administration' option is was. So why when I tried to access the troubled website via domain name ( I was greeted with my routers log in prompt?

The routers firmware is up to date...I call linksys and asked if they knew what it could be. they did not know. I looked for and asked if anyone knew of any exploit code that could do this to this luck (doesnt mean it doesnt exist). So why was my router (for a short time only) prompting website visitors with it's log in prompt?

Any ideas / comments appreciated.


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