Re: Program to monitor employee internet usage

A member of management has asked me to research available programs to log internet usage (web surfing) on our corporate network.

We are running a Windows server with a mix of XP and 2K clients.

What have some of you used to provide this in a report that management can use to show that a user is spending too much time on the internet?

We use Squid proxy on a win2k platform. We rotate logs daily and save them so we can make random checks on users. Squid also allows us to block websites based on keywords. We set the mandatory proxy in internet explorer with group policies so users can't disable it.

For reporting, there are many tools out there. Webalizer is easy to use and can generate nice graphics. You have to be careful interpreting logs though, because a log may show one hit on a page but won't tell you the employee spent 3 hours reading said page.

As for privacy concerns, everyone on the network is required to sign the network security policy, which specifically states that all web surfing and email usage is monitored.

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