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Date: 10/24/05

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    You could tunnel Remote Desktop through SSH using account lockout for
    so many failed login attempts. Also, you could use a software
    firewall on the Remote Desktop machine that uses some sort of IPS
    (Sygate, etc.).

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    Dear All,

    The company I work with recently required a remote desktop access and
    to keep the budget down, I used a XP Pro system to receive only one
    Remote Desktop user.

    Since this requires the opening up of a port on the firewall,
    I'm quite concerned. I have limited the system to only one or
    two users who can log on. Since this is my initial foray
    into the remote desktop client (in the past, we used PCAnywhere,
    but it's getting more and more expensive(hard to justify
    purchasing a license for each system).

    In what ways can I protect the remote desktop system from
    being broken into? (Well, aside from shutting it down.)

    Any pointers appreciated.


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