Re: Good Wireless Firewall/Router?

From: Austin Murkland (
Date: 10/18/05

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    Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 13:42:16 -0700

    I know that linksys routers with upgraded firmware support a feature
    similar to this that puts the wireless clients each on their own
    separate vlan, so they not only don't see the wired interfaces...they
    don't see each other either...i believe linksys supports a feature that
    bars wireless for wired, but am unsure about others. wrote:
    > This is for a home implementation...
    > My goal is to allow wireless LAN users that connect to an AP to go out to the internet but have no ability at all to connect to any of the servers plugged into the wired ports on the AP/Router. What is the cheapest way to get this done with hardware?
    > I am thinking I either need a lniksys type wireless router that supports ACLs between wireless and wired or just allows me to put ACLs on ports
    > Or some small linksys type router/AP that can treat wireless users as though they are in a DMZ (allow only outbound while allowing internal hosts outbound and to DMZ)
    > I dont have a spare PC lying around that is quiet enough for me to want it in my room running 24x7 or I would just do some sort of linux FW...and a netscreen or 506 are gonna be too $$$$ so I am hoping linksys or netgear or someone offers this....any ideas?

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