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Date: 10/13/05

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    These are all legal questions for which the answers
    are going to vary widely. My opinion, however, is that
    if you are going to setup an unprotected network, you
    should expect people to at least stumble on it, not to
    mention poke around on the machines. A wireless
    network should never be setup without using at least
    the minimum security tools available in the access
    point. If you've made at least a basic attempt to
    secure it, you will have a much better standing if you
    ever want to take action against someone who uses it
    without permission.


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    > I've got a question (actually a few) along these
    > lines. Let's say that a person
    > has a Wi-Fi network setup at home.
    > And they find out that some of their neighbors have
    > accessed it.
    > A) What if any obligation to the neighbors does the
    > person who initially setup
    > the Wi-Fi network have?
    > B) What happens IF one neighbor goes in and
    > reads/deletes msgs/files from
    > another neighbor's computer is the person who
    > initially setup the Wi-Fi network for their own use
    > liable?
    > C) Can the person who initially setup the Wi-Fi
    > network legally go in and look
    > around his/her neighbors computers?
    > D) What if one the neighbors get a virus, is the
    > person who initially setup the
    > Wi-Fi network liable?
    > E) What if any expectations to privacy do the
    > unauthorized users have?
    > Herman
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    > Subject: Wireless blocking
    > I believe I have an unauthorized wireless router on
    > my network. I have been
    > unable to physically find it as of yet.
    > Does anyone know how to find the hidden SSID and
    > then Jam it?
    > Thank you.
    > Daryl R Davis
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