Require network security research questions
Date: 10/08/05

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    Date: 8 Oct 2005 18:58:30 -0000
    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) 4th Year Honour Student here. Starting my honours project already having done research yet still unable to produce a Research Question, title or direction to take.

    My interests lie in the general area of network security along with Attack methods/preventions/resolutions, IDS vs IPS and white hat hacking/ethical hacking. I'd like to do a project thats going to involve mostly research. Any development work should be limited to data collection for analysis rather than the design of a piece of software.

    If anyone knows of research questions/projects that may be appropriate or has suggestions please reply. Lack of a focused path is making it difficult for me to make any progress. I feel I'd be able to make a strong attempt at a network security project that is solely research based rather than design.

    Thank You


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