Re: Anonymize internet access

From: Michael Painter (
Date: 10/04/05

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    To: "Matt Alexander" <>, "Joshua Graham" <>
    Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 13:16:52 -1000

    This one:

    >>Your real and public IP addresses are the same -
    You are not using a proxy server.<<

    which is findnot's SSH Tunnel via PuTTY.

    My eyes are glazed over...what does this mean (from the above site)?

    >>Note: Java IP detection will work through a direct Internet connection or a regular (HTTP/Socks) proxy server set in your browser.
    Web-based proxies and desktop proxy applications will prevent Real IP detection or display inaccurate results. <<

    FindNot's SSH tunnel is on port 80...does that make it a "Web-based proxy"?



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    > Joshua Graham wrote:
    >> While running through
    >> TOR in Firefox the page was still able to get my real IP address. I was
    >> wondering if anyone could explain what happened and if there was anyway
    >> around that. Thanks in advance.
    > The Java applet bypasses your browser's proxy settings.
    > ~M

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