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From: Terry Cutler (
Date: 10/01/05

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    I just passed the exam and took the course this week. Worth every penny.
    HOWEVER ...if you take the material directly from CEH it's like reading
    a book with no structure. Intense school really put the blocks in
    place, and not only prepared me for what's on the exam, but Ralph
    Echemendia's knowledge was top notch & real world !

    Terry P Cutler
    Master CNE 4,5,6 , CDE, A+, MCP, NEE, CLP 9
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    >>> "Alonzo Llamas" <> 09/29/05 3:21
    PM >>>
    Hello guys.

    I was just reading about CEH certification (Ethical Hacker) by
    and I' d like to hear opinions about the certification, contents of the
    course, etc.

    I mean, its this really useful, someone here has taken the cert?

    Thanks in advance.

    Alonzo Llamas

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