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Date: 09/22/05

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    For one option, check out SafeGuard Easy from Utimaco. It will do full
    hard disk encryption and also encrypts removable devices and floppies.
    It can be made to be fairly transparent to end users, and has several
    options for algorithms, with AES being the default.

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    I am looking for a solution to encrypt the hard drives which contain
    confidential info. Ideally, this tool would be transparent and usable on
    all the drives on the computer/laptop (from c: to z:). Ideally it would
    be easy to set up and manage, not a problem if the tool is not free. Any
    experience on this? What algorithm(s) does it use?
    Another option would be to use external encrypted drives to store the
    info. What are the options here?

    I am looking for some background information, to short-list all the

    Thanks for the help!



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