Re: Considering nSight, any thoughts? (Final comment)

From: Steven Rakick (
Date: 09/07/05

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    Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 11:46:23 -0700 (PDT)

    Due to the number of emails I received off the list
    from students, I wanted to point something out.

    Intrusense sent out an email notice yesterday evening
    regarding the release of nSight 2.0. It appears
    they've adopted a new licensing model. Not only is
    their license no longer bound to a specific URL, but
    also they're offering free licenses for personal,
    educuational and otherwise non-commercial end users.

    I thought that was pretty cool.


    --- Jeff Boston <> wrote:


    Hi. Sorry for the delay in my response.

    Jason/Steven, I'd highly recommend this or other
    products like it. It's quite affordable and very easy
    to get running (although they need to create more

    We've been using the new version of nSight for
    approximately 2 months now and it's been quite useful
    and more so by the day. I'm learning that the more
    network information nSight collects, the more valuable
    it becomes.

    It's helped us identify the cause of several
    intermittent problems we've had for at least a year
    now because we were able to go back and look
    specifically at the point in time where the problem
    occured (2 times in 2 months). The problem was
    knocking off users from a few servers in our DMZ so
    we're happy it's been resolved. We also had a couple
    users who were doing a ton of pirated software
    uploads/downloads. We idenitified then within 30
    minutes of installing nSight.

    That's about it. Email me off the list if you have any


    Author: Steven Rakick
    Date: 2005-07-30 14:302005-07-30 18:30 -400UTC
    To: Jason Heschel, security-basics
    Subject: Re: Considering nSight, any thoughts?

    Jason, I did respond, but to another list. Here's my
    post just in case...


    Been running nSight for a little over a year now with
    data purge after 13 months. We have 3 agents at remote
    offices with each inspecting the traffic of around
    700-900 hosts. It's been quite helpful. We *had* a ton
    of P2P traffic in our networks.

    When we started out last year, we tried to host all 3
    agents on a low end HP blade (with a laptop hd). After
    about 2 months it became very slow (mostly due to disk
    IO). We upgraded to a faster blade with fast SCSI disk
    and it's been flying along ever since.

    Also, according to another poster (Darrin Maidlow) on
    Full Disclosure, there is a beta program in place
    right now for nSight 2.0 at I'm not sure
    if you're evaluating 2.0 or 1.x.


    --- Jason Heschel <> wrote:

    > Hello list,
    > We've spent the last few weeks evaluating nSight (a
    > network analysis
    > package from Intrusense) and are now considering
    > making a purchase.
    > I'm curious to hear any opinions, problems or praise
    > people have for
    > this software. Does it scale well? How does it
    > perform after
    > collecting several months worth of data?
    > -jason


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