Re: Prevent use of Open Share

From: cc (
Date: 08/27/05

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    Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 10:16:03 +0800

    Alex Harasic Gil sighed and wrote::

    > So what you mean is to use a centralized File Server?

    If your users need to share files, the most appropriate
    thing is to use a centralized file server. With that
    many systems however, you'd be hard pressed to keep
    the file server folders organized. So if you do
    have a file server, you need to have it set up and
    organized from the get go. And make sure there is
    a POLICY on the usage of the file server. You
    really don't want to be seeing MP3s on that system.

    My company is no where near that size, but the
    central file server is already cluttered with lots
    of files. I'm supposed to 'unclutter' the mess
    and make sure sensitive information *isn't*
    on the server.


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