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From: Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi (
Date: 08/22/05

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    Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 18:31:32 +0100
    To: "Joe George" <>


    I can understand your reluctance. I think Skype would've gained the
    trust of network admins everywhere if they made it easy to block Skype
    but still encrypted everything. That way, people who are very
    conservative about what traffic goes out of their networks can block
    Skype and the rest can knowingly allow it. At the moment, it is very
    difficult to block Skype.

    It is the viral nature of Skype which puts me off. It bypasses NAT
    devices and even proxy servers. At the moment it cannot pass through a
    proxy server which requires a password from the user but I can't see
    that being a barrier for very long. A user can install a local proxy
    which does not require a password which then authenticates itself to
    the corporate proxy. Or they might introduce that functionality into
    the Skype client software itself.

    If I had to take a decision I would block Skype because I don't know
    what comes and goes through Skype. But blocking it isn't very easy as
    it can make itself look just like web browsing traffic.

    On a Windows machine, even if you shutdown Skype it is still running in
    the background acting as a "super node" relaying calls for people who
    are behind very restrictive networks. That can use a lot of bandwidth
    and processing power. Although they are no known viruses/backdoors for
    Skype, as it increases in popularity it is only a matter of time before
    some flaw is discovered.

    I will happily use Skype on my PC at home and my mobile phone when
    roaming but I wouldn't trust it in a corporate environment. If Skype
    made a corporate version of their product where the network admin can
    control who can get onto that "private" Skype network, you have a
    winner there for everyone!


    On 18 Aug 2005, at 16:14, Joe George wrote:

    > I've been reading several articles including the link to one below
    > regarding Skype software.  We have several users in our HQ office as
    > well as field offices who were recommended to use Skype to keep in
    > communication.  Several of us in our IT department are very
    > apprehensive about it for many reasons including the fact it's not
    > been through a pilot phase.  Aside from the VoIP functionality, I do
    > not understand why they need it, because we have an enterprise IM
    > client available, which you can integrate several other IM clients
    > with.  A VoIP solution is not far away from being deployed throughout
    > organization as well. 
    > Skype's claim of being secure does little to ease my mind.  Skype is
    > not on the list of our supported applications, and as a low on the
    > totem pole I am within the organization; I would be remiss by not
    > mentioning my apprehension to the end-user of it being on their
    > computer.   I just wanted to get your thoughts on it.  I've installed
    > Skype on my own computer and haven't seen any adverse effects, but I
    > do not use it often due to lack of time.  Have any of you deployed it
    > successfully within your network? What is your opinion on the
    > application?
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Joe

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