RE: A question about USB Storage.

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Date: 08/02/05

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    That just makes the risks from unwiped temporary storage worse - all the bad
    guy has to do is grab the pen drive and walk off. Sure the computer will
    crash, but s/he now has 1GB of stuff to mine for 'interesting' data...

    Other problems are related to the basic reality of flash - which are:
      block vs. byte organization
      a limit on the number of read/write cycles (1M or 10M and poof, the chip
    is shot, as low as 1K for older models - which can be a problem for the FAT

    Lastly, there seems to be a capacity wall at 1GB (months after being
    promised, these are only now in very limited availability).


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    Subject: A question about USB Storage.

    Dear List Members,

    I have been reading threads recently about recovering temporary data such as
    swap file, temp files, et al.
    If the information in the swap file and other system temporal files its so
    important ¿why don´t put it in a usb device?
    With a usb capacity of about 4 GB it could be a solution (and an added
    complication) for the security of such files.

    It´s possible to do it? In windows? In linux? In Freebsd?

    I think that the sistem could include a function to erase the usb device at
    logoff or shutdown, besides, could you prove that A specific usb device was
    used in a specific computer?

    Thanks for your attention

    Ing. Carlos Manuel De La Concha Canedo
    Clavelinas 257-1
    Colonia Nueva Santa María
    02800, Azcapotzalco, Distrito Federal, México

    "Cuando se siente herida, la ostra...
    hace una perla."

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