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From: David Gillett (
Date: 07/22/05

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    Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 10:50:12 -0700

      Amidst all the public discussion about this issue, I have
    yet to see any directions telling how to display and/or
    modify the "ignore" list. Anybody?

    David Gillett

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    > --------------------------------------- Microsoft Going Soft
    > On Adware Permalink | Top First there were the rumors that
    > Microsoft is considering buying Claria, the company
    > responsible for creating and distributing Gator adware.
    > Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that Microsoft's
    > antispyware program has been altered by a program update to
    > ignore all adware automatically. This seems almost like a
    > repeat of the situation with Yahoo's antispyware toolbar last
    > year. Yahoo and Claria have significant financial dealings
    > through Overture, which is owned by Yahoo. Claria makes the
    > bulk of its income through Overture. Not long after Yahoo
    > included an antispyware scanner into their Internet Explorer
    > toolbar, it was discovered that they had altered it to ignore
    > adware. Yahoo's toolbar uses spyware detection code
    > licensed from PestPatrol (now owned by Computer Associates).
    > PestPatrol's own antispyware program did not have the ability
    > to ignore all adware, only individual products if the user
    > chose to ignore them. After experiencing a massive run of bad
    > publicity, Yahoo changed their toolbar so that it would
    > detect adware by default. Microsoft's first response to
    > questions about their antispyware program ignoring Claria was
    > to refuse to comment. Their second response was to flatly
    > deny that Claria is receiving any special favors. They claim
    > now that the change was made in order to be "fair and
    > consistent" with how Microsoft AntiSpy handles adware from
    > companies similar to Claria. As it turns out, several adware
    > products have been placed on AntiSpy's ignore list.
    > Whatever the reason, this means that Gator, Dashbar and other
    > adware could install on a computer supposedly protected by
    > Microsoft AntiSpy, without warnings popping up. Since
    > Microsoft altered their users' settings without informing
    > them, those users may not realize that they have to change
    > their ignore list in order to detect these adware programs. If a user
    > dware programs will not show up in the results because they
    > are on the ignore list. The question that needs to be asked
    > now is: "Can Microsoft's AntiSpy program be trusted?". It is
    > bad enough that they decided to move all adware products to
    > the ignore list by default. However loudly the adware
    > industry screams that their software is not malicious, the
    > fact remains that very few people want it on their computer.
    > People use antispyware scanners because they expect them to
    > find adware as well as the truly malicious stuff. The
    > problem is that Microsoft used an update to the program to
    > alter their users' settings, without informing them. They may
    > think that adware should be on the ignore list but I
    > seriously doubt that their users would agree. Their users
    > expected that the program would alert them to the presence of
    > adware. Since as far back as late March, these users have
    > been unprotected by a program they were told they could
    > trust. Well, that trust has been broken. Can this program
    > ever be trusted again? Update After I wrote this but,
    > thankfully, before sending it out, more rumors have surfaced
    > about the Microsoft/Claria acquisition talks. According to an
    > article on ClickZ News, Microsoft has abandoned the idea of
    > purchasing Claria. It would seem that the bad press they
    > received over the rumor caused them to abandon the idea. I
    > believe that odd sound you hear is the entire internet
    > breathing a sigh of relief. Craig Lett Security
    > Administrator USF Technology Services 630 Kenmoor Ave SE,
    > Suite 200 Grand Rapids, MI 49546
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    Best spyware program I am not sure if my answer is on track with what you
    are looking for, but I personally am liking the Microsoft Anti-Spyware
    program. It may be yware since I deployed it. On 7/20/05, Bapodara, Shyamal
    <> wrote: > Hello Team > I do like to test
    different so called "free" software available > online. What is the best
    to test if they don't have any spyware in it > once it is installed? What
    will be the best way to test these with out > compromising my system?
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