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Date: 06/29/05

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    (sorry if this is a dupe, had mail probs)

    There is also Charles Sturt University out of Australia. (Although they do
    the whole thing via distance education.). I thought I'd let you know what
    was out there. They have two Masters of Information Technology Security
    degrees. One is focused on a management area and the other on development.
    The main drawing point for them is that 5 of the 12 courses you take, are
    the Microsoft Curriculum courses to obtain an MCSE, or MCSD. So essentially
    1/2 the course is obtaining one of these certifications. If you have a
    current one, or choose to just take the exams on your own, you can knock off
    1/2 the course.

    I'm not a big fan of this system, you don't learn a whole lot that you can't
    get from reading self-study guides. But, you get a Masters with "Security"
    in the title and an MCSE/MCSD to boot.

    If you're still interested

    You may find that there are several other Universities that offer their
    regular degrees through distance education. I am doing a Masters in
    Computer Science by Research (Masters Thesis). This way, I can tailor my
    Masters to security. My Thesis is on attack patterns/models and threat
    modelling. It counts.

    Just something to think about.


    Rocky Heckman
    G-Wiz Innovations Pty Ltd
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    How about norwich degree being pretty much a online course... doesn't it
    lose a little credit the fact of not actually going to class and talk face
    to face to professors?

    I don't mean to talk bad about it, I'm just wondering, since Norwich master
    degree is still one of my options for a master in security assurance.


    Alex S. Harasic

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