RE: Masters program for Information Security?

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Date: 06/24/05

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    Actually, I am a recent graduate of the Norwich University Information
    Assurance. I researched various graduate degrees in the area of
    Information Security, spoke with numerous graduates of several different
    universities and based on the input I rec'd, decided to apply to
    Norwich U. It is an extremely comprehensive program. Small cohorts,
    excellent professors. The director of the MSIA program at Norwich is the
    well-known Information Security Specialist, Mich Kabay. Adjunct
    professors include highly respected and widely published specialists
    such as Stephen Cobb, Chey Cobb, Peter Stephenson, Jim Maloney, Mike
    Levine, Michael Miora, Don Holden, and Gary Bridges, just to name a
    few. If you have read many Infosec books, you will probably recognize
    these names.

    You will work your fingers to the bone in this program, but you will
    gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in the field. It is well worth the
    investment. Norwich U pulls from an international student base and you
    will receive a global perspective on our field. Go to
    for details.

    If you have any other questions about Norwich, just let me know.
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    I think Norwich University has one.

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    Does anyone know of an institution offering M.Sc. for Information
    Security/Assurance? Any graduates out there? I'm hoping to find one
    who's curiculum involves both management and technical aspects.

    Much obliged,


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