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Date: 06/16/05

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    I did config and release management for 4 years. When I was learning I
    read a lot of Susan Dart but unfortunately the links I had for her are
    now broken...


    If you ever have to work with VSS- horrible tool that I'm embarrassed to
    have worked with:

    One thing I will say about managing an environment with developers- Be
    strict about getting them to report config changes such as new registry
    entries and updates to drivers or software they implement. We used to
    allow them full control on the dev machines to install or change
    anything they wanted but we would also partially rebuild the machines
    each morning by script including re-writing the registry and
    reinstalling all web pages and dlls so it kept the dev environment clean
    and gave the developers a good reason to report changes they were making
    to us. If they didn't they would most likely go away by the next

    Create a backup of everything you are going to replace and put anything
    you're going to release to QA in a release folder and then you will know
    for certain you are releasing the exact same thing to live.

    Find a good resource on "DLL hell" and managing GUIDs. This is another
    reason we compiled everything each morning to reinstall on the dev
    machines. That way older dlls compiled against an older version of a
    recently updated dll don't fail.

    Good Luck!

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    Subject: Development Environment Best Practices

    Does anyone on this list have any resources for Development environment
    best practices. I am looking for something that explains the need to
    separate the production, testing, and development environments. I also
    need something explaining correct processes for developing and
    implementing code (such as: developers should not administer the
    production servers they install code on, or developers should not have
    full admin rights on all boxes, etc).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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