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Date: 06/01/05

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    Date: 1 Jun 2005 15:02:35 -0000
    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Regarding the company's liability - and the assertion that, if you can't enforce it with technology then you can't enforce it - a response to both of these is:

    While 'automated' enforcement (via technology) is very attractive in that we can set rules and use a tool to keep people on the straight and narrow, the company also has a duty to educate users on the appropriate uses of technology.

    When tools are not available to us, we do not have the option of simply throwing up our hands and saying, "Oh well, no tools available so we must let users do as they please."

    Instead, we have a duty to educate users of technology on the risks inherent in that technology. We try to do this via policy and standards and we augment those with training courses that address - in this instance - exactly the risks that the original post queried.

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