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From: Kinnell (
Date: 04/27/05

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    Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 11:28:28 -0500

    This was more than helpful. Thank you all very much, and I'm sure
    we've all found out about quite a few we didn't know about before.


    On 4/26/05, nee cee <> wrote:
    > Kinnell
    > looks as though a few progs have been suggested already. I will not add to
    > the list except to say that you will need to also consider the NOS or OS
    > that the file is sitting on and take that into consideration when deleting
    > as well. Removing from Alternate Data streams comes to mind and also
    > purging the files if on Netware.
    > nc
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    > Hey all.
    > I recently had a friend ask me if I knew of any real good file
    > shredders/wipers. He wants to be able to securely shred a file used
    > for an encryption key after it is no longer needed at that location.
    > I couldn't think of any off of the top of my head but I figured this
    > list would be a great place to start. So does anyone know of a good
    > shredder to use for this purpose? Freeware would be preferred.
    > thanks,
    > Kinnell
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