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Date: 04/21/05

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    This article addresses your questions pretty specifically:

    As with traditional telephony, eavesdropping is a concern for
    organizations using VOIP-and the consequences can be greater, says
    Charlie Rabie, a vice president at Aspect Communications Corp. in San
    Jose. Aspect is a provider of software and services for implementing
    VOIP, traditional telephony and other communication services.

    Because voice travels in packets over the data network, hackers can use
    data-sniffing and other hacking tools to identify, modify, store and
    play back voice traffic traversing the network, Kemmerer says.

    A hacker breaking into a VOIP data stream has access to a lot more calls
    than he would with traditional telephone tapping. As a result, "one of
    the big differences is that a hacker has a much higher probability of
    getting intelligent information" from tapping a VOIP data stream than
    from monitoring traditional phone systems, Rabie says.


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    My coworker had an interesting question. She had to validate her
    credit card number over the phone using her social and other sensitive
    information. She has a VoIP router from her ISP. The question: Are
    the VoIP packets encrypted as they go across the wire? Or can
    someone sniffing in the right place capture all of that sensitive VoIP
    traffic and reassemble her CC# and SS# from the tones? Is this
    somethign that might be an issue in the future or is there already an
    answer out there?


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