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Date: 03/14/05

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    Negotiation skills pointers, some good past newsletter articles from the
    Network Professional Association, what is often termed "soft skills"

    Soft Skills: Communication

    Are You Listening

    Difficult People

    I have also found that when some new significant security issue arises,
    maybe someting in the news that most employees may have heard, that is your
    opportunity in IT Security to communicate with all the staff and provide
    some useful guidance in layman terms.


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    Hello everybody, I've been working in IT security during the last 5
    years and I'm ready to face my first management position,.The biggest
    challenge in this new job is going to be how to change the perception
    about security targeting personnel without any technical-background
    (besides Windows and Office). I appreciatte your advises and
    recommendations, also I'm looking some books about negotiation skills
    and how to get the most of the people, any favorite titles ?



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