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From: Jediah (
Date: 02/10/05

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    To: "'Shawn Wall'" <>
    Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:53:55 -0500

    I've personally still found Norton to be robust and adequate; I switched
    from MCAFEE a long time ago. I have subscriptions for my home based office
    machines, and the company I primarily work for has a corporate subscription.

    I've enjoyed the central update capabilities of all Symantec products (I
    have a few different products). I have also found for the frequency of the
    updates has been adequate to address the new variants that come out

    The script blocking capabilities has saved me a few times on various web
    URL's that had harmful intent (sometimes even when I deserved to be infected
    :)). The UnErase wizard with the Norton Protected files is also nice.

    I really can't speak to the management of the AV solution from an enterprise
    perspective - as I've not dealt with that side (Although my primary company
    has 5000+ employees being managed through the corporate subscription), but
    as a small business owner and consumer, I've been very pleased.

    On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 15:07:47 -0700, Shawn Wall <> wrote:
    > Hi All.
    > For years I've been using Norton antivirus products but lately I'm hearing
    > that Norton is no longer the de facto antivirus solution. I'm interested
    > hearing what antivirus products are considered to be the best for both
    > enterprise and private use. As always, all comments are welcome. Thanks.
    > shawn

    Lloyd Haynes

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