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Date: 02/10/05

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    agree with mike completely, no single av can give you the right
    protection. have helped so many companies in this area and i guess,
    the 2-tier or 3-tier (if you have the budget and necessary resources)
    approach would be the best solution for you. they have different
    signature databases, engines and features. in combination, they work


    On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 13:28:23 -0500, Mike MacNeill
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    > I think it's all a matter of preference however IMHO CA's eTrust has a great enterprise management console and the client is light weight as well as having frequent definition updates. We were using McAfee until recently. However, we experienced frequent memory leaks, application errors, slow definition updates and a horrid enterprise console and decided to make the switch. Also pricing was very reasonable for eTrust. I still hear good things about Norton but more on the consumer side of things. We use Symantec on our Exchange and Sophos on our SMTP gateways for a 3 tier approach to virus control.
    > Mike
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    > Hi All.
    > For years I've been using Norton antivirus products but lately I'm hearing
    > that Norton is no longer the de facto antivirus solution. I'm interested in
    > hearing what antivirus products are considered to be the best for both
    > enterprise and private use. As always, all comments are welcome. Thanks.
    > shawn

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