Re: Antivirus Comparison

From: RichardR (
Date: 02/10/05

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    Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 12:06:42 +0100
    To: Lloyd Haynes <>

    Hi all
    read all your replies and I just could see that one has it
    preferencies or experience on using this or that kind of AV. But it is
    always interesting to know what lacks on one and doesnt on another.

    In my case, more exactly in our lab, we are using FSecure, and I dont
    really have good feedbacks from users and experience with it. Well I
    just cant say its because FSecure doesnt do good job, it does do it
    well, but now the main thing is new functionnalities has been
    implemented with FSecure packages coming with the AV, the firewalling.

    The fact here is that, most of our researchers work on 2 OS (linux +
    win), using for that vmware on win to swtich between them and for
    this, we had many crashes and pending problems on windows. But when we
    just use FSecure as only an AV and nothing else, everything seems to
    work I just think we cant really say if things will
    work correctly or not or what are best or not for our working
    environment, we can just find out and see after how AV will behave.
    Personnally, I prefer Kaspersky for it robutesse and simplicity of

    As said Vinny above, Stinger from NAI works really good for some
    specific virus (Trojan, BackDoor...)


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