Re: IIS6 Security and other web servers

From: Gary H. Jones II (
Date: 01/25/05

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    To: "Rivera Alonso, David" <>
    Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 14:44:57 -0500

    Security issues in Apache will be found and reported before bugs get found
    in IIS6.

    Apache is open source which allows people to audit the source code easily.
    IIS6 however, isn't open source and it's often more time-consuming to find
    bugs. It's difficult to determine right now if IIS6 has more security
    issues than Apache for that reason. It could have less; it could have more,
    since it isn't open-source, only time will tell.

    I personally notice Apache security patches/new releases are out quicker
    than Microsoft's.

    If I were to receive a security bulletin detailing a security issue in
    Apache, I could go to the affected part and fix it and recompile. You can't
    do that with IIS.

    I would say that those are some of many reasons Apache have been the most
    widespread http server since 1996


    Gary H Jones II

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    Subject: IIS6 Security and other web servers

    > Dear friends,
    > I just want to throw a little question to know your opinion.
    > I was discussing yesterday with a friend about the quality of IIS6 from a
    > Security point of view.
    > He immediately said it's a bad choice, as previous Microsoft web servers.
    > I've read a few papers and I have this opinion: as it's been redesigned
    > the ground (with all the previous failures in mind), with the security
    > perspective, with every little service and option disabled by default, and
    > so on, I told him that now, in my opinion, IIS6 is a good choice.
    > He loves GNU, Linux, and, logically, he thinks Apache is the king in
    > security.
    > Just because I felt curious, I went into to check
    > latest vulnerability advisories, for Apache and IIS6. Incredible, Apache
    > wins, it has many more (not to talk about the many releases since version
    > 2.0)! In fact, I just found one alert about IIS6.
    > What do you experts think?
    > Of course, I know IIS was very dangerous before version 6.
    > But, maybe an IIS6 in a well configured, patched and securized Windows
    > machine is al last a good choice to house Web Applications?
    > Or maybe it's too soon, there are few installed, and maybe in the future
    > it'll have as many holes as the predecessors?
    > What do you think?
    > best regards from Spain,
    > DAVID
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