Re: Country to IP range list

From: Erik Norgaard (
Date: 01/10/05

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    Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 11:16:09 +0100
    To: Luis Lopez Sanchez <>

    Luis Lopez Sanchez wrote:
    > An interesting link about this issue:

    I took a look at the database, it is generated from the delegation lists
      published by the regional registries. It doesn't appear like they have
    made an effort to adjoin adjacant ranges assigned to the same country.

    Meanwhile, I have made my script available here:

    which adjoins ranges from the same country and outputs it nicely in CIDR
    format rather than the decimal number representation used at the site
    you refer to.

    To use the above script, you need to download the delegation lists from
    the regional registries, and note that there is no way of creating
    country wise rules for ranges assigned directly by IANA.

    Cheers, Erik

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