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Date: 01/06/05

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    Sounds like you need her to be able to converse with customers at least a
    bit, and understand what the staff is saying when they talk about
    "installing an SLL VPN" for a customer.

    Ziff Davis had a book called How Networks Work, really basic. There must
    also be a Networking for Dummies book.

    Have her take a look at this Networking chapter from a basic Computer
    Textbook online:,7482,635562-,00.html
    Dig around and you can find the PowerPoint that goes with the chapter, good
    basic stuff.

    Someone noted training is a must and that is good. Consider a seminar like
    this, although topics might be over her head it will be a good start and she
    will learn much:

    I have found these other tech lingo resources to be good, especially
    An encyclopedia of tech terms and technologies --
    Layman's Guide to Tech Speak --
    An online Tech Encyclopedia --
    The ultimate computer acronyms archive -
    A great place to find just about any definition you need -

    Somebody else noted the How Stuff Works link, good idea there too.

    Hundreds of tutorials for many tech topics -

    Hope this helps,

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    Hey all, I have a question about educating a new employee who is not a
    computer person at all. We're a small consulting company that does
    LAN/WAN design and implementation (a Microsoft/Cisco/Dell shop). We
    recently hired someone new to be an office manager/service coordinator.
    She is very smart and has good customer service skills, but is new to
    the computer game. I'm having a hard time finding good beginner's
    resources to even the terminology used in our line of business, let
    alone resources that explain a little more about computer networking and
    security. This person does not need to become a technical guru at all,
    but needs to be able to understand what the engineers are doing when
    they go out into the field. I've done a few google searches but can't
    find what I'm looking for. Anyone out there know of any links or
    perhaps have some advice to offer based on experience with breaking
    someone into this field? Thanks!

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