Re: Lots of incoming traffic on UDP 1026 and UDP 1027?
Date: 12/28/04

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    Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 11:39:04 -0600

    I believe it's windows messenger traffic, most likely spam.

    Search google for udp port 1026 and you'll get a lot of links regarding
    it. Activity to the windows messenger port seems to have been on the
    upswing since early December.

    I know that ICQ (a chat program) used udp port 1027. That could be spam
    coming in, too.

    FocusHacks <>
    12/27/2004 12:34 PM
    Please respond to


    Lots of incoming traffic on UDP 1026 and UDP 1027?

    I searched the archives at SecurityFocus and couldn't come up with
    anything useful other than someone with Zone Alarm obviously saw the
    same activity and people were trying to tell him to look for listening
    ports on his machine, which is not the case.

    I'm getting literally hammered by tons of various IP's on UDP 1026 and UDP

    I've attached a CSV log, modified a bit, from my NetScreen 5. I only
    showed the last 15 bytes of the Source IP:Port so the first octet,
    give or take a few bytes, is cut off. I left a few columns out as

    Let me know, this has been going on for quite a while, and all my
    searches are ending in vain. Any ideas?

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