RE: Export list of usernames WinNT and Win2K servers

From: Germano, Tomas (
Date: 12/13/04

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    >dir /b "c:\documents and settings" > c:\myfile.txt

    this command only show the users that was loged to machine (localy).

    Tomas A. Germano

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    > In Linux/Unix you can less the passwd file and get a list of all the
    > their usernames etc and have it be a regular text file. I would like to
    > know if there is some way to get something similar for Windows servers

    on win2k and XP, you can do this:

    pull up a command prompt (start>run>cmd)

    and type

    dir /b "c:\documents and settings" > c:\myfile.txt

    this will output all usernames to c:\myfile.txt

    it should work on NT and 2kserver.

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