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Date: 12/07/04

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    Subject: vnc through ssh for windows

    > How is the setup on a windows box setup? with ssh as the transport?????

    Computer A runs VShell server plus TightVNC server. TightVNC is configured
    to listen on port X. Computer B has an SSH client (PuTTY works just fine),
    which is used to establish a tunnel to A. The tunnel also maps a local port
    (say Y) on B to port X on A. Then, all you need to run is your VNC client
    and connect it to All your VNC traffic will be wrapped inside
    the tunnel.

    > for Either PCAnywhere or VNC [any flavour]
    > with ssh as the transport?????

    As long as static ports can be configured, you can use whatever remote
    control software you prefer, just follow the same rules.

    > I assume it needs to be piped through something like cygwin/ssh????

    You could do that. I prefer VShell as it gives me finer control over what
    IPs are allowed to connect, what ports they are allowed to map, and what
    services they have access to (shell, SFTP, etc). For clients I use either
    PuTTY or Entunnel, the latter being nice for keeping connections open all
    the time, as it can automatically reconnect etc., PuTTY is more "manual".

    Here are a couple of sites with info to get you going:

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