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From: Philip Wagenaar (
Date: 12/04/04

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    Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2004 18:56:15 +0100
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    Nobody knows real numbers. Sometimes you can read an article about how much
    hackers cost a certain business, but even those numbers are estimates.

    Besides, what I always have wondered and found interesting is how many
    company's keep security breaches secret. It's is hard for me to believe that
    a bank has never been hacked, and that a hacker caused a lot of trouble. If
    this has happened there is a 100% possibility that the bank will keep the
    incident behind closed doors. In fact, I believe that most hacks, involving
    some amount of money in damages, but even more important, if it would be
    made public the customers would lose faith in the company, all hacks are
    kept secret. There is no good reason for a company to go public on a hack.

    This is why I believe that any numbers you will find are based on somebody'
    own estimate and is not even close to the real number, because nobody knows

    Philip Wagenaar

    > -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
    > Van: Ralf Allar []
    > Verzonden: vrijdag 3 december 2004 12:09
    > Aan:
    > Onderwerp: Statistics
    > Hi,
    > does anyone have a good source for security
    > statistics? I'm looking for numbers on how much
    > damage do hackers cost the industry, how many
    > budget was spent in security issues and so on.
    > Can anyone help me?
    > Thanks!

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