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From: David Gillett (
Date: 12/01/04

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      Consider a situation where IT Dept is forbidden to touch some
    machines because the information they contain is "too sensitive".

      How do we manage security in such a case?

    Answer (98 times out of 100): The most critical information in
    the enterprise winds up on the least secure machines in the

    David Gillett

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    > Hi List,
    > Consider a situation where IT Dept has full access and
    > control over all servers
    > How do we manage security in such a case? i.e. how can we put
    > control measures to prevent IT Admins to do whatever they
    > want on the system without going through a proper control &
    > approval process
    > One solution might be to give the admin passwords to the IT
    > Security Section or the IT Audit, in this way, Admins will
    > have to request them to log in the machine for all interventions
    > Of course this solution has lots of drawbacks!
    > I would be glad to know how other companies manage to control
    > changes being done on IT systems, particularly in large organisations
    > Thanks for your comments
    > Ronish

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