Re: SCP win2K3 to RH9 troubles

From: Kelly Martin (
Date: 11/04/04

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    Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 16:52:55 -0700
    To: Bénoni MARTIN <>,

    Bénoni MARTIN wrote:

    >I have to perform a daily scp from a Linux box (RH 9) to a Win2K3 box. The files and their directories change everyday, so I have to wrap scp in a script (Shell or Perl as I like both :) ).
    >I tried to do this with a simple and usual command like:
    > scp /..path_to_my_file.../ user@win2K3Box:/..path/
    >but could not manage to make if work (no file downloaded), and no error message available even in verbose mode.
     From the scp you listed above, it looks like you're trying to scp
    *into* the Windows 2003 machine. Unless you're running cygwin or
    similar, there's no daemon that will be listening.

    I suspect you meant to reverse the parameters, above, and fetch the
    Linux files from the Windows machine. In that case you probably want to
    look at SSH key pairs to improve security and also allow for automation
    of your script. Below are some articles I would suggest to show you how
    to do this.

    For the Red Hat box:
    "SSH Host Key Protection" -
    "SSH User Identities" -

    For the Windows box:
    "Using PuTTYgen, the PuTTY key generator" -

    >I tried then with sftp and psftp from windows, but cannot manage the trouble of avoiding a prompt asking me the password ...
    Don't put the password in your scripts, obviously. Try something like
    Pageant, Putty's version of ssh-agent:

    "Using Pagent for authentication" -


    Kelly Martin

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