Re: Advice on Fastest NMAP Scan

From: Ghaith Nasrawi (
Date: 10/29/04

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    To: Fyodor <>
    Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 02:44:13 +0000

    when I try nmap scanning within Nessus, it just take ages to finish the
    initial scanning process. I think nessus developers should make of the
    new modifications to nmap in order to speed up the whole process of
    assessing vuln. targets.

    On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 23:05, Fyodor wrote:
    > On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 09:58:50AM -0500, Mogren, Jack L. wrote:
    > >
    > > Here's what I've come up with so far.
    > >
    > > nmap -O -T4 -PE -F --osscan_limit -oX /home/security/test.xml -iL /home/security/ip_addresses.txt
    > >
    > > Any comments or suggestions?
    > First off, make sure that you are using Nmap 3.75. Nmap 3.70 included
    > a complete port scan engine rewrite for better performance (among
    > other advantages) and then 3.75 tweaked it to be even better. You can
    > obtain Nmap 3.75 from .
    > Since you know your network, you may be able to help Nmap by setting a
    > maximum retransmission timeout. Are you scanning over multiple
    > continents, or just a local network? If you can assume that responses
    > won't take more than 100ms, add --max_rtt_timeout 100 for a big speed
    > boost. Also, use a large host group such as --min_hostgroup 128 so
    > that many hosts are scanned in parallel. Play with the numbers a bit
    > to figure out what works best on your particular network. You could
    > also consider a custom nmap-services file with just a couple hundred
    > of the most common TCP ports. Even the -F option still scans more
    > than 1200 ports by default.
    > I would be interested to hear how it goes. If you find that it is too
    > slow for your needs, let me know. I am working on a performance
    > chapter of my upcoming O'Reilly Nmap book, so I have studied several
    > such large network situations. A class B and several class C's
    > shouldn't be any problem at all for regular scanning. Your "entire
    > private address space" make take a while, depending on your setup.
    > Scanning is 16 million IPs, so don't expect it to complete
    > during lunch. Some of the tools that claim incredibly speeds don't
    > even handle retransmissions or other reliability requirements.
    > I hope this helps,
    > Fyodor

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